Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Spencer Health Network maintains the highest standards of integrity in the operation of our business. In the course of our business, it is necessary to collect, record, store, process, transmit, and otherwise handle Personal Information about individuals. All such activities are done in a manner that we believe to be consistent with both generally accepted privacy standards under the PIPEDA legislation as well as standard business practice ethics.

Personal Information is collected for the purposes of member and prospective member identification, billing and communication. By becoming a member or prospective member, you agree that your Personal Information may be used for the stated purposes. Consent to the collection and use of your Personal Information for the stated purposes can be withdrawn by you at any time, subject to legal and contractual restrictions and reasonable notice in writing by you.

Limits and Disclosure
Only required information for the purpose(s) identified will be collected. Only lawful means will be used to collect personal information. Personal information will not be disclosed except:

As required in the normal operation of our business
Where required by law
To protect the interests of The Spencer Health Network against misrepresentation, fraud or other illegalities, prosecutorial actions or other unwarranted proceedings.
Retention & Safeguards
Personal Information will be kept only as long as needed for the intended purposes or as required by law. Safeguards have been established by the The Spencer Health Network that are intended to protect Personal Information against loss, theft, copying, and unauthorized disclosure, use or modification. Access to Personal Information is restricted to authorized employees and authorized service providers who need it to perform their work. Personal Information is stored in secure databases on this website and in locked offices on our premises during non-operating hours. When Personal Information is no longer required, it will be destroyed to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to the Personal Information.

It is your right to know the Personal Information maintained about you. Requests by you to know more about the Personal Information we keep will be responded to in a reasonable time period at no cost to you. Requests for copies of Personal Information records to be delivered to you will incur a handling fee that will be billed to you in advance of the reproduction and delivery of your Personal Information. Upon receipt of your Personal Information you have the right to request, in writing to our Privacy Officer, the correction of inaccurate, incomplete or obsolete information in your file. If demonstrated to the satisfaction of The Spencer Health Network Inc. that the information held in our record is inaccurate, incomplete or obsolete, we will change our record accordingly. You may also register any Privacy related complaint by contacting our Privacy Officer at The Privacy Officer will investigate the complaint and provide a written report of his/her findings. If determined by our Privacy Officer to be a valid complaint, the necessary change to our Policies and Procedures will be made to resolve your complaint. You may also have other governmental complaint resolution procedures available to you.

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